Battletech quad mechs

Battletech quad mechs

Этот стотонник стал первым в истории Баттлтеха четвероногим мехом, но
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Have Some Quads. image - Mech Fans.
Have Some Quads. image - Mech Fans - Mod DB

I also personally like Quad-Mechs like the Barghest because it has a bit of...
Caught Some Place in Time: A Battletech/Gundam SI Page 72 Sp

Here is some art of the Nixe firing an improved Heavy Large Laser, draw by ...
Nixe Protomech (Ultraheavy Quad) w. Art

Oct 17, 2015 - Battletech commission of a heavy Quad Battle armor.
Hotel art, Mech, Fighting robots

File:Notos - Mech and Quad Modes.jpg.
File:Notos - Mech and Quad Modes.jpg - BattleTechWiki

Then, of course, there was the obscure Clan Wolf-in-Exile Quad the Jaguar.
Quad Mechs? Page 2 The Sietch

...but it's still being mass produced and going strong, even into the ...
MWO: Forums - Any Mechwarrior Dark Age Mechs You Wish Would

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File:Trebaruna.jpg - BattleTechWiki

...↑. RyuujinZERO said. google searched "quad chassis assault mech&quo...
Avali Nexus 21: That's a Lot of Guns Page 131 Chucklefish Fo

Quad Mech with Heelies isn't a terribly mistaken descriptor.
Battletech Story Ideas thread (NEW) Page 791 SpaceBattles

Could you pretty please do an animation of the roughneck quite possibly the...
MWO: Forums - Animated Mech Gifs - Page 3

Barghest BGS-1T because LB 20-X on quad chassis is awesome!
MWO: Forums - Zeus fanart - Page 2

3D model for printing I made of the Atlas for the tabletop miniatures game ...
Joao Campos Costa Founder, Artist at Polygon Masterworks

Battletech: Daedalus by on @deviantART Киберпанк,...
Battletech: Daedalus Traveller rpg, Star wars infographic, S

Alright, /m/ Legged tank or tracked mech?
Alright, /m/ Legged tank or tracked mech? - /m/ - Mecha - 4a

Based in part on the Trebaruna, the Mech that would become the Acheron was ...
Acheron Assault Mech - Quad.

Unseen Battletech Miniatures.
Oldenhammer in Toronto: Unseen Battletech Miniatures